Awards and acknowledgements

We are proud to announce that SendongAllOurLove fundraiser’s organizer, Lou Cabalona, was inducted into the Philippine Embassy’s Filipino Americans Young Leaders Program in 2012!

That August, ABS-CBN Network Philippines featured Ms. Cabalona in their “Ako Ang Simula” show. Check out the video below to see what donating a little time and talent to good causes can do.

See you on Jan. 25, 2014 for a “take 2”: Visit the Illinois Philippine Recovery Operations page for details. See you soon!

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The receipts

We are very happy to conclude this fundraiser with receipts from the LaSalle Academy of Illigan City. Copies were e-mailed to the organizers May, 2012:

Acknowledgement letter:


Recipient receipts:


Maraming, maraming salamat to all the talent and volunteers who had given their resources to this fundraiser. Until the next time!

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Photos from an amazing night of Philippine solidarity

Here are some pictures from a night to remember:

Unofficial final count at the end of the fundraising night.

Final count at the end of the evening! Photo courtesy of Ari Khatib.

OneWay Band at SenDong All Our Love fundraiser!

OneWay Band at SenDong All Our Love fundraiser!
Photo courtesy of OneWay Band.

  Artist booth contributor BigHugs Photobooth at SenDong All Our Love fundraiser

Artist booth contributor BigHugs Photobooth at SenDong All Our Love fundraiser! Photo courtesy of BigHugs Photobooth.

Artist booth contributor Cafe Ysabella at SenDong All Our Love fundraiser

Artist booth contributor Cafe Ysabella at SenDong All Our Love fundraiser! Photo courtesy of Ruben Salazar.

We’ll post more photos as they come. Maraming salamat for all your support!

We are still taking donations. Please click here or visit the Philippine American Cultural Foundation Web site for more information.

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Open Letter of Thanks from “SenDong All Our Love” Organizers

SendongAllOurLove fundraiser proceeds summary

SendongAllOurLove fundraiser proceeds summary. Graphic courtesy of Samasama Project.

To All volunteers, performers, contributors, speakers and guests of SenDong All Our Love,

We did not want to let too many days pass without recognizing the efforts hundreds of people in Illinois in making what started as a possibility into a phenomenal gathering that will impact thousands of families in the Philippines affected by the Typhoon Sendong.

According to NASA, “Even though it was a weak cyclone, Tropical Storm Washi has proven to be the deadliest storm of 2011. Known locally as Sendong, the storm moved across the southern Philippines island of Mindanao on December 16 and 17, inundating the island with heavy rain. The rain poured off mountains and filled rivers, triggering deadly flooding and landslides.”

It was Dec 21st when I first posted a message to friends asking if they would like to do “something” about it and many immediately said YES without hesitation. It was this display of unity and commitment that fueled a small group of volunteers including my husband and I to work on an event that was a challenge but was going to be very rewarding for all who would benefit from it – a 100% volunteer based fundraising where ALL money raised go directly to the victims.

After two venue changes and by God’s grace and the hard work from many volunteers, it is indeed what had happened. It was a beautiful night of wonderful performances and a celebration for Chris Zamora and evident among all guests and participants was the spirit of open-heartedness that filled up St. Lambert’s.  At the end of the night we raised a total of $4680 and as of Jan 31 our last count totalled to $5382!! Apart from a small donation that we would like to offer St. Lambert’s Parish for hosting our event, this amount will go completely to our beneficiary La Salle Academy in Iligan City.  Even the wiring fee of the donation through Cirera Express was paid for by a donor couple that wishes to remain anonymous.

We want to extend our apologies to (1) a few who – despite our efforts to communicate the venue change and planting posters and directions at Amron Hall – were not able to find their way to the new venue on the day of and (2) our guests for our inability to serve Arroz Caldo due to food service safety ordinances in the Village of Skokie.

We want to recognize and thank all those who participated in SenDong All Our Love in one way or another. A very big THANK YOU to:

  • Yvonne Hortillo for all your hard work – updating the website, coordinating auction-related tasks, posting notices in the old venue etc etc..this space would not be enough if I enumerated all the tasks you took initiative on and completed successfully. This would not have been possible without your commitment and sacrifice.
  • Romano Tuazon and Nina Palacios for going from store to store to get us food and other donations and for graciously helping out on all our To Dos. You are our Idol Go Getters!
  • Anna Millan for all the awesome printing materials we needed for the event. Your talent and quick response is invaluable for our work!
  • Almi Astudillo Gilles, Adeline Fajardo, Jelly Carandang, Ruben Salazar, Flor Clarito, Josh Ong, Mike and Carol Saavedra, Cherry Pie and Dave Llave, John Mark and Beam Beam Sianghio, Jerrick Simbol, Alpha Nicolasin, Michelle Delson for actively participating in our planning meetings and leading our volunteers in the different committees during the event. You kept us going the past 3 weeks.
  • Noelle Zamora and Family for creating the beautiful video montage of Chris. Your love for your father and willingness to help in this humble cause is exemplary
  • Fr. Richard Simon, Debbie Morales-Garcia, George Mohrlein and Meriel Teelucksingh for allowing us to have our fundraiser in St. Lambert’s and for your patience in making sure that we are adhering to all rules set by the parish
  • Consul General Leo Herrera-Lim and Mayor George Van Dusen for their words of support and encouragement at the event. Your support energizes us to unite and continue our good work
  • Our HOSTS Your wit and intelligence kept everyone entertained throughout the night Thank you for your willingness to take on this tiring job. Ginger Leopoldo, Jovie Calma and Ari Khatib.
  • The VOLUNTEERS during the event. For working tirelessly throughout the night to sell, serve food, get the program going and taking the initiative to do tasks to keep everything smooth flowing. You guys worked the most but were given the least recognition.  Merle Salazar, Joniece Bayan, Gus Ott, Anna Millan, Rex and Michelle Delson, Tom, Telly and Monica Yumping. Mike and Carol Saavedra, Meriel Teeluchsingh, Dave and Cherry Pie Llave, Jerrick and Justin Simbol, Alpha and Emil Nicolasin, Alex and Josie Cirera, Bobby Manzano, Sally Richmond, Kit and Peter Poon, Chit and Kimberly Chua and Nerissa, Gabby Ubaldo, Joanna Tan, Monique, Lorena and Edmund Allegretti, Jay Escalante of Gejr Photography and PACF Performing Arts Youth Members—Gabi, Josh and Kayla Delson, Katherine Garrido, Jann Ibay, Rose Perez, Suzie Saballa, Jeri Quinones and Michael Yumping
  • The SOUND EQUIPMENT PROVIDERS You lifted heavy equipment, shared it for everyone to use, and for some even maintained our great sound and miking system the whole night without expecting anything in return. Jun Rodriquez, Baron Cabalona, Rico Zamora, Joon Bautista, Joy Cusi Griffith, Josue Torres and Jonathan Lalas for providing all the sound equipment for the show.
  • The PERFORMERS Your heartfelt performances are the heart of our fundraiser and tribute. You gave your time, your talent for a greater cause and you encourage the people you touched to do the same. May you be blessed with more success in your career  Ran Sevilla, Josue Torres, Lee Maningas, Baron and Lou Cabalona of SamaSama Project; John Kinder, Brian Kiel, Ray Borja and Joy Cusi Griffith of JJ and the Baroquen Hearts; Roel Tongol, Stanley Tigno, Mark Nano, Neil Carcellar and Francis Yabes of Alternate Rhythm (formerly Abandon Roscoe); Gino Alban, Victoria Dzhioeva, Louie Maligaya, Danielle Rivera, Ralph Ronquillo, Adamson Suiza of Cryptic Movement Crew led by George Busto and Lorraine Maligaya; the members of Diamond Krew including Jason Tingwald, Kylle Consing and Nick Munji led by Allan Castro; Chelsea and Clarice Roa of Saayidah and the TinkerBellies choreographed by Ms. Rowena Roa; Daphne and Rosylene Agustin, Aisel and Sara Alcedo Justin Marquez, Bryan Quinto, Ben, Josh and Mark Tesoro, Raymond and Laura Miran of Sulyap Pilipino Cultural Dance Company led by Rey and Jane Miran; Mia Don, Charlene Derequito, Erica Peralta, Camelia Rodriguez, Charlie Acasili, Feeny Fernandez, Stephanie Joves, Edelissa Lagman, Daven Taba, Karl Rodriguez, Jose Guerrero, Jerome Camara, Bham Garcia, Erik Valdez, Adrian Briones, Reuben Robredillo of Sunday 527 led by Aristic Director, Rj Zarate; R.E.N. Ruivivar and Hek Hernandez of IL EmpireCIRCA-Pintig‘s Emilia Ramos and Lani Montreal, Vince Nantes, Jeremy Calimag and Chris Zamora’s good friends — James Costanza, Patty-Lou Soliman, Ralph, Al and Gemma Apacible of OneWay Band; Joer Sandiego, Carlo Chapelle, Rico Zamora, Jun Rodriguez, and Ms. Cherry Pineda
  • The ARTIST BOOTH CONTRIBUTORS You turned your passion or professions to channels by which others can help. May you prosper more Jen Tulen and family of Gaite Salon; Adel Domingo and Katie Gutierrez of Olivaire; Stan Ley and family of BigHugs Photobooth; Crystal Dino, Vince Belangue, Kat Krishchke, Adelle Canares, Jessie Santiago and Art Juridico of The Defensor Method led by Guro Nate Defensor; Joselle Lalas, Jasmine Nieves, Chris Agdeppa, Anne and Arnie Basa of Arbonne International and Cafe Ysabella Coffee and Poemletters.
  • The DONORS and Auction/Door Prize/Product Sale CONTRIBUTORS You turned your passion or professions to channels by which others can help. May you prosper more Fred De Asis, Buena Silva, Fabie de Silva, Almi Astudillo Gilles, Rocco and Nerissa Allegretti of Allegretti’s Pizza & Pasta Ristorante, Rudy and Carmen Garcia, Alex and Josie Cirera of Cirera Express Corporation, Gaite Salon, Ruben Pactol of Moringa Health Products by, Dr. Cleofe Casambre, Elaine Iba Juridico of Bastos Girls Greetings, Joy Cusi Griffith of Chicago Girl Accessories, Mike and Rowie Reyes of Rowie’s Bakery, the Defensor Method, Lyle Del Mundo of VuQo Vodka, Wok Cuisine, Starbucks Coffee – Albany Park, Ysabel’s Grill, Cafe 28, Frango Mints by Marshall Fields, Kiva at Five and Lush Cosmetics USA.
  • The FOOD SPONSORS for volunteers and FOOD PRODUCT SPONSORS for guests For providing nourishment to all participants without any compensation. We wouldn’t have made it through the night without you!  Telly Yumping, Ron’s Grill, Mom’s Bake Shop and Restaurant, Mariegold Bakery and Fast Food, Resto Pinoy, Uncle Mike’s Place, Unimart – Clark, Little Quiapo; an anonymous donor; Larry and Ginger Leopoldo of Cafe Aorta Catering;  Ruben Salazar and Mike Saavedra for the snacks/drinks for sale,
  • Our SPONSORS and PARTNERS Thank you for using your network to allow more people to be able to join us.You are a shining example that cooperation and unity always yields a more fruitful outcome. members of the Philippine American Cultural Foundation, members of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations,  Filipino-American Ryders, CPI Pinoy, FMA Pulse, Lorenzo Leonardo and Aria Movement, Jason Manguba and Kinema Group, Jon Lalas and J&J Productions, Yoly Tubalinal and Fil-Am Weekly MegaScene, Dr. Ely Natividad and FilAm TV Show, Orly and Laurie Bernardino and Philippine Weekly, Emil and Alpha Nicolasin and Hataw Pinoy, Alex and Josie Cirera and Fil-Am Community Builder and Girlie Pascual, James DC, Veronica Leighton, Joe Mauricio and Via Times New Magazine and CPRTV

We would also like to thank those that sent in their donations to PACF and most importantly, we would like to thank everyone who took time out from their weekend to attend SenDong All Our Love and become part of this humble fundraiser – whether or not they were able to join us at St. Lambert’s!

Let me be bold in saying that you and your families shall be blessed for all the good work you chose to do. I have heard through the grapevine, that the Millans have received a few paid printing job requests since, BigHugs Photobooth is collaborating with Olivaire Artisan Events for future events and Rowie’s Bakery has found new customers posting this message on our FBThank you for having our cupcakes last night during the fundraising … we had a few people came by the shop already today – rowie:)”

I am sure Someone watching over us has even greater plans for you and your family.

ABS-CBN reports, “The death toll from tropical storm “Sendong” has reached 1,453, latest data from the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) … A total of 54,795 individuals remain inside 56 evacuation centers in all areas affected by Sendong… Latest count showed that a total of 42,235 homes were damaged, partially or totally, by the storm’s onslaught”

I would like to leave you with this touching video sent by Brother Raffy Reyes of LSA on the day of the Fundraiser for all of us. Please know that the hundreds of victims will be benefiting from your love and generosity.

To keep updated with the different relief related activities in LSA, you can check out:

Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay tayong lahat,

(Thank you very much and More power)

Louella Cabalona

on behalf of all SenDong All Our Love Organizers


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Tonight’s program

Here are the things you can expect to tonight’s SenDong All Our Love fundraiser and tribute! See you all tonight!

Click here.

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Update from Iligan City

The following video was sent us all the way from Iligan City by La Salle Academy, the beneficiaries of this evening’s fundraiser. The 3:32 minute video showing hope, worry, smiles and healing is why we have toiled long and hard despite twice changing venues to push through with the fundraiser. Maraming salamat for viewing! See you all tonight! 🙂

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Ten bids for silent auction

We have an incredible ten (10) items for bid in our silent auction! Click here for the full brochure. Below are three featured paintings by three prides of Chicago’s Filipino-American artist community.

The Color of Green and Orange | Bueno Silva

The Color of Green and Orange | Bueno Silva. 14" x 18", Oil on Board.

Bueno Silva is a Filipino-American treasure. His 40-year, self-taught career spans three continents and generations of genres. He has painted the portraits of presidents, popes, politicians and other dignitaries, including Ferdinand Marcos, Pope John Paul II, founder Maria Ignacia Del Espiritu Santo of the Religious of the Virgin Mary in Quezon City, Philippines and Our Lady of Beaterio, which was featured in a Philippine postage stamp. He has a painting at the Lopez Museum in Pasig City, seven at DePaul University, Chicago and is preparing to exhibit in the Netherlands. Silva, 70, credits his success to wife Patria Silva and their four children.

Silva counts “The Color of Green and Orange” part of his transition period from classical painting to expressionism that began in 1991. From his Web site:

Drawing and painting from childhood… leads me towards a retrospective career spanning more than five decades of creativity.

Quasi-retrospective concept of duality seen in my current works features “negative” rendition of images and sometimes a reversed-mirror reflection. …

Blues deterred by oranges. Yellows with purples. Reds with greens. And blacks with whites.

It is also symbolic of my adaptation of new life found while being transplated here in the U.S. since the early 80s.

rizal: beyond the stinky fish! by fabie de silva

rizal: beyond the stinky fish! by fabie de silva

Fabie de Silva explains: “Rizal: Beyond the Stinky Fish!” is a parody from the popular line, “mas mahigit pa sa mabahong isda” (worse than a stinky fish).

This visual idiom goes beyond that cliché, its political inkling goes about further parodying the Filipino identity, its artificiality rests on the seemingly ironic “grass roots” Filipiniana whilst Rizal himself was a product of a foreign educational system and the bourgeoisie.

This piece was included in the Philippine Consulate General Chicago and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events exhibit at the Daley Center, “The Philippine Renaissance Man: Jose Rizal,” August, 2011.

The School of the Art Institute-educated Silva has been exhibiting extensively in Chicago for more than 20 years. Eight of his works had recently been acquired by DePaul University and an architecture firm in Chicago. He is preparing his series “Waiting to Medidate” for exhibit at Benedictine University in February.

dalawang koi: fred deasis. 16 x 20 matted | Glass framed original enhanced mixed media on card stock.

Koi symbolizes perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals. It also represents good fortune.

The Sendong victims will overcome the obstacle. Filipinos have the inner strength and determination to do so.

Fred DeAsis received the much coveted 2010  Presidential Award from President Benigno Aquino III, for outstanding achievement and service in the field of Arts and Culture. The international award is given every two years to highly selected individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievements on their given field. Awards were presented to 7 individuals of 24 recipients from 13 countries.

DeAsis is known for his hands-on art workshops in Chicago, which include teaching parol (Christmas lantern) making and the lost art of kut-kut.

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